Far from home: Planet Mars, Phoenix Mars Lander (Educator discount!)

Without further ado, here is my latest fine art planet print (educators and home school parents – read on for an educational discount):

This was a fascinating project to work on!  This view of Mars from the Phoenix Mars Lander combines hundreds of images taken during the first several weeks after NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander arrived on an arctic plain at 68.22 degrees north latitude, 234.25 degrees east longitude on Mars. The landing was on May 25, 2008. These images were first combined into a 360 degree panorama and then converted to a “planet view” (stereographic projection) by artist Nikki Smith.

Note that there is a vanishing point (pinch) in the center of the image where the robotic arm could not photograph itself.

Shown in approximately true color, this shows the polygonal patterning of ground at the landing area, similar to patterns in permafrost areas on Earth. Trenches where Phoenix’s robotic arm has been exposing subsurface material are visible. The spacecraft’s meteorology mast, topped by the telltale wind gauge, extends into the sky.

I am offering a 25% discount on the print price to the first 100 educators or home school parents who wish to purchase a fine art print or stretched canvas of Planet Mars, Phoenix Mars Lander.  Just click here to view and customize your fine art or canvas print, add it to your cart, and enter code “TPYESZ” to obtain the discount.  (Note that the discount applies to the print price only, not to materials, shipping or labor which go to FAA.)

I hope you enjoy this most unusual view of the Martian landscape – it is out of this world, literally!

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