Electric Firewheel by Nikki Smith

Electric Firewheel Flower Artwork

What happens when you mix two talented artists with unique visions?  Pure MAGIC.

Electric Firewheel by Nikki Smith
Electric Firewheel Artwork, Copyright by Nikki Smith, All Rights Reserved. (Fine art prints here.)
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With an electric vibe, this firewheel flower comes to life in vivid technicolor and neon lights. Springing from the name "firewheel" I envisioned a flower made of fire with electricity coursing through the very fiber of the petals. The hot pinks, reds and yellows give this artwork an energy that almosts bursts off the canvas. There is a sense of motion, fire and flames, of charged energy and the spark of creation.

I'm thrilled to collaborate with renowned wildflower photographer Steven Schwartzman on this project. His photographic portrait of a firewheel flower, also known as an Indian blanket and by the scientific name Gaillardia pulchella, inspired this piece. You can see the original photograph (used with permission) that inspired this artwork below:

Firewheel by Steven Schwartman
Firewheel, Copyright by Steven Schwartzman, All Rights Reserved. (Fine art prints here.)

Read more about this wildflower on Steven's blog post about the firewheel here.

Steven and I will be collaborating on more floral artwork soon, so stay tuned to see how one photographer's stunning wildflower portraits inspire another artist's abstract flower fine artwork.

About the Photographer:
Steven Schwartzman has been involved with photography since the late 1960s, and specializing in wildflower portraiture since 1999. Over the last decade his photographs have appeared in various magazines, particularly Wildflower and Texas Highways. He maintains a daily nature photography blog at:

Fine art prints of Steven Schwartzman's photography may be purchased here:

About the Artist:
Nikki Smith believes that artwork has the power to move and inspire; to change the way we see the world. Winner of the FAA Artistic Merit "Tony" Award for art in 2013, her artwork has been featured in numerous publications including Cloth Paper Scissors, PAGES, Somerset Digital Studio and The Houston Chronicle. Keep up with her latest adventures in art via social media or on her blog at:

Fine art prints of Nikki Smith's artwork are available here:

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