Custom printed fabric from your own artwork

I stumbled across Spoonflower yesterday and I love the concept!  This is a site that helps you print (and sell) your own designs on fabric.  They also have a marketplace with thousands of fabrics that other artists have designed.  I’d love to design my own fabric for book covers, not to mention the curtains I need to make for my daughter’s room…  Of course, I love making papercloth by hand, but with Spoonflower the fabric can be laundered which is a big plus.  I spent a few hours browsing there yesterday and here are a few examples of what I found:

Scribble Paper
Scribble Paper fabric by ephemeralalchemy

Watercolor painting fabric by ~ c’est la viv

Incognito is neato
‘Incognito is neato by virginiao*aka*vo

Lotus in repose
Lotus in repose by virginiao*aka*vo

Green Nebula
Green Nebula by corseceng

This gives me so many great ideas…!  I saw watercolor paintings, photography, graphic designs, pen and ink drawings, vintage copyright free images, patterns and more, all converted to fabric.  It makes me want to dig through my art and try it out myself!

p.s. As of the time of this writing I have no affiliation with Spoonflower – I just think it’s neat!  =)

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  1. Funny. A friend of mine just told me about spoonflower last weekend and I have been swooning over it as well. What an exciting concept to think about creating fabric from something in my mind. How fun. Definitely post if you do it. I’m not ready to launch into it, but I am super interested!

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