New Year’s Creative Resolutions 2011

With a full-time business, a toddler and a new baby due any day, it can be hard to envision finding any time for myself and my creative life.  No excuses!  Where there is a will, there is a way.  I WILL make art!  I will submit my art to at least two magazines/challenges this year (beginning today).  I will carve out some art/creative time every two weeks, minimum.  I will post some new art on my blog at least once a month.  I will be more organized and efficient in my business so that my creative goals are achievable time-wise.  And I will be present in the moment – enjoying my art, enjoying my children and my family, enjoying my life – not just worrying about the next thing on my to-do list.

Time, action, and next direction: I made a goals journal last year – this year I will USE it.  Once a month (be specific – the first Sunday of each month) I will review past goals and write down new ones so that I can keep my goals in focus.  My husband and I will do this together so we can keep each other honest, accountable and motivated (it helps to have a partner!)  I will set some short-term goals that I can achieve each month and some long-term, big-dream goals which I will then break down into practical steps and actually tackle.  This will help me convert my dreams into realities.

I will DO.  I will ACT.  I will CREATE.

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    Progress toward one goal achieved: I submitted an entry to the Cloth Paper Scissors 2012 Calendar Contest today. If it wins, great! If not, it was a wonderful excuse to be creative and I made a beautiful piece of artwork that speaks to me. A win-win either way!

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