OK, I’m officially hooked.  I’ve managed to gawk at over a hundred pages (so far) of delicious, artistic, fabulous, yummy items from some amazing artists.  I’ve also had two projects of my own published on CraftGawker to-date: a close-up of my copper tree collage, and a mini-booklace with sheet music pages.  It’s neat to see my mini-book on the “most gawked” page!  (Thank-you, visitors!) - Mini-booklace

One thing that I appreciate about this site is that it is making me pay more attention to my creative photography skills as well.  My first submission was declined for photo/craft composition (it was a direct shot of a book isolated on a white background.)  Rather than being discouraged, I took this as a challenge!  This led to the great top-down shot of my mini-booklace (above, far right) which has been gawked 49 times and favorited 5 times so far this week.  (Cool!)  Of course, as “daring” as my photo was, someone out-dared me a few days later.  I’ll let you check out the site and see if you can spot the photo I’m talking about!  =)  You can see my two submissions here.  Happy gawking!

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