The Weeknd, Portrait by Nikki Smith

The Weeknd Portrait

Portait of The Weeknd, Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, by Nikki Smith. In a private collection. Prints available for a limited time here.

Giving some love to a talented singer/songwriter, The Weeknd - Abel Makkonen Tesfaye!

I've been listening to his music while I paint this week. Music is an integral part of my artwork and my creative fuel. So fun to paint his portrait while listening to him sing!

I have a few more musical paintings in progress with this same color palette and style which I will share soon. In the meantime, please enjoy this portrait and have a wonderful weeknd! 😉

Copyright Nikki Smith, 2021; All Rights Reserved. Responsible social sharing with credit and a link encouraged!

Listen to The Weeknd's Music:


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