Sound Waves by Nikki Smith

Sound Waves

"Sound Waves" copyright Nikki Smith, 2020; All Rights Reserved.

This artwork has been percolating in my mind's eye for over a year. It is a piece I've started and abandoned several times while searching for the best way to bring my vision for her to life. Sometimes making art is easy, often it is challenging, but for me it is always an act of love.

Music is color in a world of black and white; waves of memory and emotion that wash over us and transport us in time and space.

Sound Waves by Nikki Smith on apparel & merchandise.

One of the reasons I'm drawn to music in my artwork is that there is such a deep correlation in the creation, expression and enjoyment of both visual arts and music. Staring at that blank canvas, searching for melody in a sea of notes, crafting the lyrics to tell your truth with powerful emotion and heart.

For all of the song writers, musicians and music lovers out there, I hope this artwork inspires you to create and share your own music with the world.

Copyright Nikki Smith, 2020; All Rights Reserved. Responsible social sharing with credit and a link encouraged!

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