Dragonfly Ice Resin Necklace

Dragonfly Necklace – Ice Resin Paper and Wire

Dragonfly Ice Resin NecklaceI have been having so much fun with the Ice Resin techniques I learned last weekend from Deryn Mentock (Something Sublime)!  This dragonfly was created as a gift for my neice, Beta, who loves the color yellow.  The translucent wings on this dragonfly necklace are actually from a napkin with yellow lemons that has been treated with ice resin.

The inspiration for this piece comes from one of Deryn’s creations which you can see on her blog here.  Deryn actually teaches a class on her “Winged Things”, and she’ll be in College Station in October at the Bead Fountain to do just that.  I fell in love with these when I saw them on her site and couldn’t wait to try it for myself!

This necklace began as a wire form sculpture with copper wire and beads.  The lemon napkin was treated with Ice Resin and allowed to cure for three days.  Then the wings were cut-out slightly larger than the wire wing shapes.  They were glued with white craft glue to the back of the wire wing shapes.  I had to add more glue twice to ensure that no daylight was visible around the edges or at the juncture with the body.  Then the necklace was arranged in a bowl of rice so that the wings were level and more ice resin was carefully added to the tops of the wings to fill-in the wire shape.  Another three days to cure and the necklace was ready to wear.  I couldn’t resist trying it on before giving it away.  Now I want to make one for myself!

I’m looking forward to Deryn’s class in October.  I’m sure she’ll have some tips to make these easier and faster!

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