Catching Moonlight, copyright Nikki Smith

Day 3: 100 Day Art Challenge

Catching Moonlight by Nikki Smith: Day 3 of the #Pixels100DayChallenge.

Art and music are always intertwined for me. I'm feeling infinite, catching that moonlight...

"Stepping into the darkness
I know that I will find my way
Hey hey hey hey
You know I love the night
Too much to ever be afraid
Hey hey hey hey
Feeling infinite
Can't get enough of this
And oh oh oh oh ohhh
I'm catching that moonlight..."

This song by Catie Waters plays in my head when I see this artwork. I love the lyrics!

Model Nikki Smith, photographer Celeste Smith. (Thank you, daughter!)

Copyright Nikki Smith, 2021; All Rights Reserved. Responsible social sharing with credit and a link encouraged!

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