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One World One Heart: Global Blog Giveaway Event 2011

February 5th, 2011 by Nikki Smith

I’m happy to be participating in the One World One Heart (OWOH) global blog giveaway event for 2011!  This is a worldwide meet-and-greet virtual tour for bloggers complete with door prizes.

So, what could be more appropriate for this event than to give away a whole world?  A “wee planet” to be precise.  (Or rather, several…I’ll be adding one giveaway for every 100 comments so spread the word!)

The first prize is an 8″ x 8″ print of one of my “wee planets” (winners choice).  Each mini-world is lovingly created from 360 degree panorama photos and ready to explore.  If you had your very own world to escape to, what would it be like?  Perhaps:

Planet Path, rural Bryan, Texas

Planet Path

Rural Bryan, Texas

Planet Winter Hotel

Planet Swanage

Planet Swanage


Tongariro Volcanoes

Wee Planet: Tongariro Volcanoes

OR, your choice of wee planet from my gallery!

P.S. If you’re a photographer (or just handy with a camera) and live or travel somewhere beautiful, colorful or unique, please remember me — I’m always looking for great 360 degree panorama photos to create new worlds from.  I don’t get to travel much these days as I’m enjoying the company of my toddler and a brand new baby, so all of my traveling is virtual at the moment!  🙂

My other love is the book arts, creating and binding one-of-a-kind artist books by hand.  Last year I also gave away a “mini-booklace” (a mini-book necklace – wearable, functional art).  I’m not sure if I’ll have a chance to create a book for the contest this year, as it is hard to find art time (or sleep time!) with a newborn… =)

B.T.W. – My latest wee planet (shown here) is currently a finalist in the 2012 Cloth Paper Scissors magazine calendar contest, “On the Street Where You Live.”  I’ll find out the results on Friday the 11th – wish me luck!

UPDATE: Regrettably, my wee planet didn’t make it into the 2012 CPS calendar.  It truly is an honor to be a finalist, and encourages me to submit more art in the future.  Thank-you to all of those who wished me luck!


To enter, simply place a comment on this post. Be sure to include a valid email address so I can contact you if you win!

Deadline to enter: Midnight on February 17th

Winners will be announced: February 18th, 2011

Remember to check out the other participating blogs by clicking on the logo to the left.

This is the 5th and final year, and I want to say “thank-you” to Lisa for hosting this event for the past five years and helping so many of us make connections with fellow bloggers.  And of course, a big thank-you to *you* for stopping by.  I hope you can take the time to read some of my other posts to learn a bit about me and my artwork, and if it interests you, please do stop by again. Good luck, everyone! I’m off to visit your blogs now…

UPDATE: Comments are now closed!  Winners will be contacted and results posted shortly.  Stay tuned…

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94 Responses to “One World One Heart: Global Blog Giveaway Event 2011”

  1. Debbie says:

    These are simply amazing! They remind me of Mario’s Galaxy (Wii Game)! Wishing you good luck with your entry. Please include me in your giveaway and stop by my blog at #331 to enter my giveaway, too!

  2. Fleurette says:

    Wow! those images are amazing, good luck with the contest!

  3. What a cool idea! Happy OWOH, nice to meet you 🙂


  4. Debra Abel says:

    Wow what a lovely giveaway! Please add me to the list !Thank you for the opportunity to win!
    [email protected]

  5. Laura says:

    Thanks for leaving such a nice comment on my blog. Your planets are awesome! Nice to meet you!

  6. Micki Butler says:

    What a wonderful door prize! Thanks for the chance to win! Please visit me at Irish Muses #678.

  7. PEA says:

    Hi Nikki, so lovely to meet you! Please add my name for your giveaway, I would so love to win one of your delightful prints, those are amazing!!

    Make sure you come by and enter my own giveaway if you haven’t done so already!!

    Hugs, PEA from Canada xox

  8. Katherine says:

    Hi Nikki!

    Thank you for your comment! The “wee planets” are amazing – I never seen anything like that. The people from Cloth Paper are so nice it’s an honor to be one of the finalists. Good luck to you too and congratulations on your new baby!!

  9. How unique…my planet would love lots of the ocean…and sandy beaches! Love your creativity! Thanks…I’m # 389 ! ♥

  10. Mallory says:

    Nice! Count me in!

    goodasgoldie at yahoo dot com

  11. Hello from Wonderland. It is so nice to meet you and visit your little part of Blogland. I would love to be included in your enchanting giveaway. Happy OWOH! Please do drop in during your journey.
    wishes and whimsy
    WenDy from WonDErlanD


  12. Kim Dellow says:

    I’m another with a like for books. Love your pictures. So nice to see you and your blog on my journey around OWOH 2011. Enjoy the rest of OWOH. Kim (No. 724)

  13. Marisssa says:

    Nikki, What a wonderful collection of photographs! Love you blog. Nice to meet you and come visit my blog at http://marissadw.blogspot.com (MDW’s Love # 548).

    I’m a mixed media artist, have a digital SLR that I’m trying to learn and explore, among other things. So much to do, so little time.
    Happy Blogging!

  14. sandra says:

    I would love to be included in your wonderful drawing, if you get the chance my blog is #809

  15. Hi Nikki, I would love to win one of your “Wee Planets.” Nicely done! Please visit my blog, too. I am the author of “16 x MOM: A Mastery of Motherhood.” I am giving away my book and a couple of laminated 4 leaf clovers.
    [email protected]

  16. Hi Nikki, I couldn’t tell if you recieved my last post so here I am again. I would love to win one of your “Wee Planets.” Nice work! Please visit my blog, too. I am the author of “16 x MOM: A Mastery of Motherhood.” I am giving away my book and a couple of laminated 4 leaf clovers.
    [email protected]

  17. Jules says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit here. Love your photography and your “ice resin” creations. I am thinking of taking her Build Zone class – looks like fun. I am really getting into digital art as well and am going to upgrade my camera – thinking of a Nikon D300S? I am a newbie – but think taking pictures has us look at things in a different perspective. Glad to hear your Aunt is a breast cancer survivor!

  18. How nice to meet you – love your art! I also appreciate you visiting and entering my drawing as well! I look forward to continuing to connect with you after OWOH!

    Ramona, OWOH #13
    createwithjoy at gmail dot com

  19. cath says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog – I’m so glad to be able to visit yours too – I love your mini worlds! I love the concept of those little book necklaces too. Good luck in the competition. Cheers from Austrlaia.

  20. Those mini worlds are wonderful! So nice to meet you! I’d love to win your lovely giveaway.
    Outrageous joy,
    Kathy #655

  21. Kailee says:

    Wow what a concept, they’re fantastic! Count me in.

  22. Hi Nikki, I followed you over from the cps site. I agree with you, I wish there were more months in the year. I’m one of the artists that made the calendar. I understand your disappointment. I’ve entered smaller challenges, but this is the first time I’ve made the cut. I’ve challenged myself the submit to a publication once a month this year. As artists we have so may projects setting around, we just need to take the time and send them off. Congrats on making the finalists, I’m sure there were hundreds that submitted art. I’m participating in owoh also, come check out my blog, if you can. I’m #845. Thanks,Cindy

  23. Holly Louen says:

    Greetings from Clovis, California
    I’ve enjoyed looking through your blog and your work is wonderful! Stop by and visit mine for a chance to win my door prize. In the meantime, I hope this journey is as fun for you as it is for me!
    Best, Holly
    my blog: http://tuscanroad.blogspot.com
    email: [email protected]

  24. Kim R. says:

    I’ve enjoyed visiting your wonderful blog and would love to enter your giveaway!
    Thanks 🙂
    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  25. Beckie says:

    Isn’t this fun? I just love OWOH! Thank you for participating… please count me in for your terrific giveaway. If you get a chance, I hope you’ll visit me too (if you haven’t already).

    Beckie =)
    artbeckons at hotmail dot com
    San Diego, California, USA

    OWOH #119 http://artbeckons.blogspot.com
    OWOH #132 http://papertraders-art.blogspot.com/search/label/Home

  26. Marie says:

    I want to escape to the winter world and take a nap.What lovely work! I am thrilled to enter.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge OWOH giveaway

  27. CathyH says:

    Really cool images Nikki!
    cathyguitarteacher-77 at yahoo.com

  28. Dianne says:

    My son would love this art as a Geography major in college (PSU-’09).
    Please enter me in your contest and come on over to my blog-#348 and drop your name in the hat there if your wish. Thanks and Good Luck!

  29. Kathy says:

    Hello.. so nice to meet you.. love your photography.. those planets are amazing.. sorry you didn’t make it into the calendar.. next time for sure.. hope you get a chance to stop by for a visit..
    # 617

  30. Lezlei Young says:

    Please enter me in your OWOH Giveaway! If I am the winner, you can contact me at [email protected]. Take a moment to visit my blog and enter my OWOH Giveaway at http://www.breathofart.blogspot.com


  31. Hi Nikki your photography is awesome. My name is Sharon and I am from Chattanooga…..I look forward to getting to chat with you sometime.

  32. Thanks for dropping by today Nikki – I’m already in your OWOH =- I’m no 1 on the list! Good luck for tomorrow

  33. Linda Lamore says:

    Greetings from Ipswich, MA USA
    I’m glad to meet you.

    I’m a jewelry artist of sorts, a watercolor painter, an upcycler, and an over all creative adventurer!

    I’d be honored for you to follow my blog!

    Amazing! Please enter me into the OWOH give away. I hope you can visit my blog, too. I’m giving away a shabby chic denim necklace. Come chat any time.

    email: [email protected]

    Hugs¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´Linda L *

  34. Michelle says:

    Hi, it’s wonderful to meet you through this lovely event. I’d love for my name to be entered into your giveaway. Thank you in advance and have a wonderful day. 🙂 I’m off now to look at more of your blog!

    [email protected]

  35. Pat says:

    Hello from New York! Your original art wee planets give away are amazingl! I love the one of the George ashington Bridge! It’s nice to find your lovely blog. My e-mail address is in my blog profile. I’d be thrilled to be one of your winners!

    My OWOH give away:

  36. Kim says:

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Nice to meet you and I would love to be included in your giveaway.
    xoxo Kim

  37. tere says:

    thanks for visiting my blog!
    Greetings from Pleasanton,

    Please enter me in your lovely giveaway
    Thank You
    Blessings ♥ tere
    Emailwhimsy at yahoo dot com


  38. mandy snow says:

    wow…a lovely giveaway…please count me in …thanks for popping by my blog too…
    [email protected]
    yes…6 kids is busy!!!

  39. Spike says:

    Hello Nikki! Your photography is very unique! Greetings from Chilliwack, BC, Canada! Thanks for dropping by my blogs during the OWOH 2011 hop! Hope you’ve had a fabulous experience! It’s a pleasure meeting you! Keep your art alive!

    http://spikescreativeside.com (#22)
    http://spikestutorials.wordpress.com/ (#24)

    spikelikeart at gmail dot com

  40. janil says:

    What an amazing photos!!!Love them!
    Thanks for the chance and greetings from Spain!
    cal_rubies at yahoo dot es

  41. Lisa says:

    How fascinating! I love such a creative spin on the world …Bummer on the CPS magazine, but CONGRATULATIONS on the newborn! Family life is such a joyful challenge, eh?
    Thanks for the opportunity to win (and congrats on winning mine) 🙂

  42. Shelle says:

    I’m sure you’ll be travelling soon enough with a small camera assistant to toe LOL! Anyway… Hi there!!! Great to meet & greet you, my name is Shelle I’m from Sunshine Coast Australia & I’m thrilled at the opportunity One World One Heart has given me to fly around the virtual World discovering so many creative artists & bloggers like yourself 🙂 Home run now & I think I’ll continue to visit bloggers on the list even after it’s over, just so I can say Hi as the giveaway was just the catalyst 🙂 it’s so much more than that & for a newish blogger (me) it has been quite wonderful (& overwhelming LOL)! Please visit if you haven’t already!! It’s a marathon BUT SO MUCH FUN!!!!