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Archive for September, 2009

New Wee Planet Martitom Discovered

September 12th, 2009 by Nikki Smith

This wee planet collage will be a gift for our friends Marti and Tom.  It features the front and back of their house, a small garden shed from their backyard, and the 1869 Chicago Water Tower in a rural setting.  Next, I’ll need to add Marti and Tom to the photo, sitting on their world’s lawn.

Wee Planet Martitom - 360 Panorama Collage

Wee Planet Martitom - 360 Panorama Collage

This is my first attempt at collaging multiple elements from various sources into one wee planet.  My previous planets have all been (more or less) true 360 panoramas.  However, that technique works best with wide open spaces where one can get adequate distance from your target.  With a typical suburban backyard that’s a challenge.  So I placed familiar elements from their home in a rural setting rather than being completely true to life.  You can see my starting collage panorama at the bottom of the image.  I think this planet turned out quite well.  Now I just need to get my friends to pose for a photo (without cluing them in) and I can relocate them to Planet Martitom and unveil the surprise!