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Serendipity, my good friend…

October 27th, 2012 by Nikki Smith

Never under-estimate the magic of Serendipity…

Music In My Soul, copyright Nikki Smith of BookSmithStudio.com; All Rights Reserved.Music in My Soul, © 2012 by Nikki Smith; All Rights Reserved. Fine Art Prints Available.
Thinking back, I recall a party that I almost didn’t attend back in 1997 because I was feeling rotten.  I went anyway, to please an ex-boyfriend.  If I hadn’t gone to that party, I wouldn’t have had a conversation with a young woman entrepreneur I met.  She wouldn’t have planted an idea in my head during that conversation we didn’t have.  Without that idea in my head, I would have dismissed a brief conversation with a door-to-door salesman the next week, and likely ordered a pizza rather than inviting him in to talk.  I wouldn’t have gone into a doomed Internet business venture with him and dropped out of college.  Somewhere along that doomed venture, we wouldn’t have had a particular casual conversation, and I wouldn’t therefore have decided to take a hang-gliding lesson on a lark as a birthday treat.  I wouldn’t have met a different fellow also taking a first hang-gliding lesson as a treat from his wife.  That fellow I didn’t meet (who happened to like supporting small, women-owned businesses over big mega firms) wouldn’t have hired my fledgling little web development business for a long-term project.  A talented graphic designer, who worked at another small company also retained by that fellow I didn’t meet, wouldn’t have heard about me, and wouldn’t have recommended me to her brother who happened to need help that my little company could provide.

Of course, I turned down the business.  Fortunately, he tried to hire me again six months later when my work load wasn’t so heavy and this time I said yes.

That man?  He’s the father of my children and the reason I’ve taken so many leaps into the unknown; the reason I decided to give my artistic inclinations room to grow.  If I had stayed home from that lousy party years ago my life would have taken so many different turns that I’d probably be a corporate wage-slave somewhere rather than a successful entrepreneur, a mother and an artist.

Thank-you, Serendipity, for weaving your music into the story of my life…

Artwork: “Music In My Soul” by Nikki Smith
Copyright 2012 Nikki Smith of BookSmithStudio.com; All Rights Reserved.
A kind thank-you to the lovely model Johanna Taiger, and her photographer.
Fine Art Prints available on Metal, Acrylic, Canvas and Specialty Papers in sizes up to 45″ x 60″

On Art, Luck, Failure and Growth

December 9th, 2011 by Nikki Smith

I believe we can make (or at least influence) our own luck.  We learn, we observe, we inquire, we act, we fail, we re-examine, we apply what we’ve learned, we try again, we learn something new in the attempt, we share our successes, failures, strategies and insights.  We grow.

Or we don’t try, we don’t fail, we don’t learn, we don’t succeed and we don’t grow.

Personally, I’m for trying.  I love making art.  It is a need and a passion that I ignored for too many years.  My life has been enriched and my spirits raised by making room for making art.  It may not be practical, it may not pay the bills, but it dramatically improves the quality of my life — I have more moments of wonder, I smile more, I am more “whole” as a person.

And if my artwork resonates with someone else, if I can make that connection, then – wow.  I’ve moved them and it moves me.  What a high.