Nikki Smith presents The Art of Invention at The Noble Swede Gallery. Meet the Artist Friday, Nov. 14th, 5-8pm

The Noble Swede Gallery presents
The Art of Invention
by International Art Award Winner Nikki Smith

“This series gives tribute to the adventurous, inventive spirit of the American people.” ~Nikki Smith Nikki Smith transforms vintage patent drawings into modern art in this series which explores the arts of transportation and invention. Featuring Harley-Davidsons from the 1920’s, turn of the century horse patents, human-powered flight and more. Winner of the prestigious International FAA “Tony” Award for Artistic …

Houston Chronicle interview, 08/21/13

Interview by the Houston Chronicle

After receiving the FAA Artistic Merit “Tony” Award earlier this summer, I was contacted for an interview by Megan Mattingly-Arthur, writer for the Houston Chronicle. The full-page interview was published yesterday in Houston Chronicle’s “Faces in the Crowd” special feature. You can read the full article online here. The artwork featured at the top of the article is “Sweet Jenny …