Serendipity, my good friend…

Never under-estimate the magic of Serendipity...

Music In My Soul, copyright Nikki Smith of; All Rights Reserved.Music in My Soul, © 2012 by Nikki Smith; All Rights Reserved. Fine Art Prints Available.
Thinking back, I recall a party that I almost didn't attend back in 1997 because I was feeling rotten.  I went anyway, to please an ex-boyfriend.  If I hadn't gone to that party, I wouldn't have had a conversation with a young woman entrepreneur I met.  She wouldn't have planted an idea in my head during that conversation we didn't have.  Without that idea in my head, I would have dismissed a brief conversation with a door-to-door salesman the next week, and likely ordered a pizza rather than inviting him in to talk.  I wouldn't have gone into a doomed Internet business venture with him and dropped out of college.  Somewhere along that doomed venture, we wouldn't have had a particular casual conversation, and I wouldn't therefore have decided to take a hang-gliding lesson on a lark as a birthday treat.  I wouldn't have met a different fellow also taking a first hang-gliding lesson as a treat from his wife.  That fellow I didn't meet (who happened to like supporting small, women-owned businesses over big mega firms) wouldn't have hired my fledgling little web development business for a long-term project.  A talented graphic designer, who worked at another small company also retained by that fellow I didn't meet, wouldn't have heard about me, and wouldn't have recommended me to her brother who happened to need help that my little company could provide.

Of course, I turned down the business.  Fortunately, he tried to hire me again six months later when my work load wasn't so heavy and this time I said yes.

That man?  He's the father of my children and the reason I've taken so many leaps into the unknown; the reason I decided to give my artistic inclinations room to grow.  If I had stayed home from that lousy party years ago my life would have taken so many different turns that I'd probably be a corporate wage-slave somewhere rather than a successful entrepreneur, a mother and an artist.

Thank-you, Serendipity, for weaving your music into the story of my life...

Artwork: "Music In My Soul" by Nikki Smith
Copyright 2012 Nikki Smith of; All Rights Reserved.
A kind thank-you to the lovely model Johanna Taiger, and her photographer.
Fine Art Prints available on Metal, Acrylic, Canvas and Specialty Papers in sizes up to 45" x 60"

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  1. I just love this story and feel the same way about how I ended up with my man. So thankful the things that happen in life are not all my doing, but more mystical and magical than I often realize.

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