On Art, Luck, Failure and Growth

I believe we can make (or at least influence) our own luck.  We learn, we observe, we inquire, we act, we fail, we re-examine, we apply what we’ve learned, we try again, we learn something new in the attempt, we share our successes, failures, strategies and insights.  We grow.

Or we don’t try, we don’t fail, we don’t learn, we don’t succeed and we don’t grow.

Personally, I’m for trying.  I love making art.  It is a need and a passion that I ignored for too many years.  My life has been enriched and my spirits raised by making room for making art.  It may not be practical, it may not pay the bills, but it dramatically improves the quality of my life — I have more moments of wonder, I smile more, I am more “whole” as a person.

And if my artwork resonates with someone else, if I can make that connection, then – wow.  I’ve moved them and it moves me.  What a high.

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