7 Wonders of the World - Intl. Juried Art Show - Nikki Smith, Apr 2012

7 Wonders of the World – Juried International Art Show

I am a part of ‘7 WONDERS OF THE WORLD’ – a juried group show of 7 international artists, artisans & photographers at Together Arts – International Online Gallery for the month of April 2012 on www.togetherarts.in

The artists in the show include:

Maggie Vlazny (above),

Jean Hamillton Ford (above),

Christina A. Pacillo (above),

Nikki Smith (above),

Under-Priviledged Girl Child Artists from Vimukti School (above),

Archana Sethi (above),

and Umesh Saxena (above)

I cordially invite you to visit my gallery at:

Please do leave a message for me after visiting The Galleries, I appreciate your feedback…

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