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Book of Home

February 6th, 2010 by Nikki Smith

This week has been productive for my art, if not for my job.  😉

I created a mini-book for the OWOH giveaway (you can PEEK HERE or enter by leaving a comment on the OWOH giveaway post  HERE by Feb 14th) which was lots of fun and got me back in my art studio again.  I’m going to make two more mini-books in this series (and one is for me to keep!)

Book of Home, Open - Back and Front

Next, I made this “Book of Home” with photos from my childhood farm in Minnesota as well as a few from my current home in Texas.  (I was inspired by a similar book by Laurie Snyder.)

At the near right is the book open, showing the back side with a tree from a field on our family farm.  At far right is the front side of the book.  Images from top to bottom are: a copper shield; black birds in a tree; my parents looking at the old barn; my mailbox in Texas with icicles; an old photo of my sister, her friend and I walking through the fields; an arial view of Coffee Creek Ranch; and the old barn.

When open, the book is shaped like a house.  When closed, the book is shaped like an envelope.

Book of Home - Cover 1

Book of Home - Cover 2

Book of Home - Side View

Here are a few more photos:

Book of Home - Interior 2Book of Home - Interior 1

Thanks for looking!  Remember, comments make me happy!  =)

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6 Responses to “Book of Home”

  1. Kerry says:

    I will leave a comment, just to make you happy. I like making you happy!

  2. Aunty Val says:

    You are so talented! I’d like to be able to do something like this with my own photos. Amazing!

  3. Rachel says:

    This is beautiful! The other day I was looking through an altered jewelry book and saw a necklace I’ve been thinking about ever since. The theme was similar to your theme here – home. The necklace actually told the story of leaving home and moving on. I think maybe I should work on something with the same theme because it keeps popping up for me.
    Thanks for the idea about what to do with my skeleton keys! I might just try that.
    That dog and cat shirt I have on in one of my pics still makes me laugh so hard.

  4. Mary-Beth says:

    Nikki, I did enter your OWOH below but I wanted to say what a wonderful little book this was and I love all the images you used in it, especially the tree! Fabulous!!


  5. Sarah Young says:

    I know I missed your giveaway, but I wanted to thank you for visiting me. I’ve enjoyed looking through your blog and your cool creations:)

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