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Archive for February, 2010

2010 OWOH Blog Giveaway Winners!

February 15th, 2010 by Nikki Smith

Congratulations to the three (yes, I said three) winners of my 2010 One World One Heart giveaway!  (Winners were chosen by random number.)

First place goes to Sharon from Texas who had this to say:

“The photos are so unique! Wow! Amazing. It would be hard to choose. And the idea of a book. My mind is running in circles now.

Oh Nikki!  I’m so excited!  I’m going to do a happy dance when I finish emailing you!  I love the wee planets photos and would have picked one of them if I had not peeked at the mini book.  I’ll have to pick that wonderful mini book!  It is amazing!  Thank you, than you, thank you! Wow!  I still can’t believe that book!  I can’t wait to see it in person.  Thank you Nikki.  You have made my day!”

You can visit Sharon’s blog here: http://happeningsonchaosranch.blogspot.com

Mini Book for OWOH Giveaway

Mini Book Charm

This mini-book is 3/4″ square and filled with lovely red mulberry paper; covers are parts from a bracelet and it has a coptic stitch binding. Ready to be attached to a necklace or bag and filled with love notes, thoughts or photos of your sweeties!

And because I loved your happy dance, I’m including a print of your favorite Wee Planet, “Tongariro Volcanoes” too.   This is based upon a panorama photograph of the Tongariro Volcanoes by my friends Ralph and Susan Bussard and converted to a wee-planet by yours truly:

Wee Planet: Tongariro Volcanoes

Second prize goes to Kerry of Minnesota who says:

“AACKKK! I’m a winner! Oh wowza! Now I have to CHOOSE? Yikes. Hard choice. I think first I’d chose the book if the first prize winner does not come forward. And then it came down to the Old Tree and Bridge…. hmm…. eeny meeny miney moe… I think I will pick Planet Bridge!  Yay! I’m so excited! I love your blog. I have been contemplating blogging myself…”

I hope you do start blogging, Kerry!  It’s a great way to document your “journey”, whether that represents your life, your art, your family or your other passions.  Let me know if you do and I’ll be your first follower!

Here is the Planet Bridge that Kerry chose:

Planet Bridge

Bonus Round:

I decided to add a bonus-round drawing just among all of the folks who commented on another post and/or became a follower of my blog.  My way to say “thank-you” for your thoughtfulness, you’ve made my day!

And the Bonus Round winner is Mary-Beth of Canada who says:

“Nikki, your wee planets are amazing, I’d love to be a proud owner!! LOL And I’m a sucker for mini books too! Great giveaway!!!

Nikki, thank you so much for this!!! I am so thrilled to own one of your wee planets! It’s so funny cuz when I revisited your blog last night, I had a feeling I had won one of these!!!! Eerie!!! LOL I would love to have That Old Tree, I think it’s absolutely lovely!”

Wee Planet: That Old Tree

Mary-Beth also commented on my “Book of Home” post and kindly said:

“Nikki, I wanted to say what a wonderful little book this was and I love all the images you used in it, especially the tree! Fabulous!!

Thank-you, Mary-Beth!  You can visit Mary-Beth’s blog here:  http://myjourneyintoart.com

And a big THANK-YOU to everyone who visited my blog during OWOH.  I hope to see you back soon!

Photography Credits for above planets:
Planet Tongariro Volcanoes – photo by Ralph & Susan Bussard; planet by Nikki Smith
Planet That Old Tree – photo by Steffe; planet by Nikki Smith
Planet Bridge – photo by Andrew Prokos; planet by Nikki Smith
P.S.  Do you have a great 360 degree panorama photo that you’d like to see turned into a planet?  Just let me know!

Book of Home

February 6th, 2010 by Nikki Smith

This week has been productive for my art, if not for my job.  😉

I created a mini-book for the OWOH giveaway (you can PEEK HERE or enter by leaving a comment on the OWOH giveaway post  HERE by Feb 14th) which was lots of fun and got me back in my art studio again.  I’m going to make two more mini-books in this series (and one is for me to keep!)

Book of Home, Open - Back and Front

Next, I made this “Book of Home” with photos from my childhood farm in Minnesota as well as a few from my current home in Texas.  (I was inspired by a similar book by Laurie Snyder.)

At the near right is the book open, showing the back side with a tree from a field on our family farm.  At far right is the front side of the book.  Images from top to bottom are: a copper shield; black birds in a tree; my parents looking at the old barn; my mailbox in Texas with icicles; an old photo of my sister, her friend and I walking through the fields; an arial view of Coffee Creek Ranch; and the old barn.

When open, the book is shaped like a house.  When closed, the book is shaped like an envelope.

Book of Home - Cover 1

Book of Home - Cover 2

Book of Home - Side View

Here are a few more photos:

Book of Home - Interior 2Book of Home - Interior 1

Thanks for looking!  Remember, comments make me happy!  =)